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Spring Training

HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS, everyone knows is particularly blessed with the famous springs - both hot and cold - and the charm of its setting in the picturesque Ouachita Mountains.

Many people still think of the great Spa as a watering place where millions have sought and received relief from a multitude of ailments. Thru the centuries the springs have never once ceased their work of healing - bringing health to the ill and keeping the well fit. Hot Springs also offers every pleasure of outdoor life; championship golf courses, fast tennis courts, speed boats, canoe and sailboats, fine all year 'round fishing for the water sportsman and Lakes Catherine and Hamilton; invigorating swimming in the spring fed pools; miles of mountain trails, bridle paths and drives unfolding beautiful vistas and the sport of kings - horse racing - has been revived with a spring meet on the calendar of events at Oaklawn.

Hot Springs, AK Postcard Front

aHot Springs, AK Postcard Back

Pythian Bath House and Sanitarium

Aeroplane View of Hot Springs National Park, Ark.

Picturesque Goat Rock on North Mountain

Steel Observation Tower on Hot Springs Mountain

Oaklawn Court on Broadway

Rest House on Hot Springs Mountain

Entrance to Government Reservation, Hot Springs Mountain

Lake Hamilton

Country Club Golf Course

Army and Navy Hospital by Moonlight


Million Dollar Bath House Row and Magnolia Promenade

Just Arrived at Hot Springs; After Taking 21 Baths

Hotel Moody and Baths

Hair Pin Turn on West Mountain

Sigler Apartment Hotel

Oaklawn Race Track

Carpenter Dam

St. John's School and Church

Bath House Row and Promenad

The fame of the thermal waters reached Washington and it was in 1832 that by a special Act of Congress that the first National Park was created for the purpose of protecting these waters for the people of the nation as a health and recreation center for all time.

Despite the fact that records show Hot Springs has passed the century mark as a federal possession and legend labels the Spa generations old, Uncle Sam's first National Park is a modern thriving and progressive city of 33,000 citizens catering to an annual visiting population of over 300,000 health and pleasure seekers.

The actual definite age of the place is really unknown and scientists disagree on the specific source of the thermal health giving waters which flow from 47 springs at the base of Hot Springs Mountain.

Hot Springs, AK Postcard Front

Hot Springs, AK Postcard Back

Beautiful New Drive on West Mountain

Majestic hotel, Annex and Bath House

Air View of the New Army and Navy Hospital

New Army and Navy Hospital by moonligh

Army and Navy Hospital Annex

City Reservoir Bridge and Trail

Country Club Golf Course

Goat Rock on North Mountain

Scene on North Mountain

The New George Road

Ostrich Farm

Lake Hamilton on the Broadway of America

One of the Scenic Trails on Hot Springs Mountain

Hot Springs High Schools "Home of the Trojans"

"They are off," Oak Lawn Race Track


It is known however, that Hot Springs, the city, takes its name from the boiling waters which flow at the rate of almost a million gallons a day to furnish the palatial bath houses. Magnolia bordered "Bath House Row" is the Spa's show place. One of the new show places of Hot Springs is its new two million dollar Army and Navy General Hospital recently completed by the War Department. Another show place of the resort is famous Oaklawn Race Track and plant where the "Sport of Kings" has been revived as an annual Spring feature.

The resort is noted for its excellent hotel facilities with a price range to suit every purse.

Hot Springs, AK Postcard Cover

Hot Springs, AK Postcard Back

Buckstaff Baths

Quapaw Baths

Superior Bath House

Million Dollar Bath House Row and Promenade

Ozark Baths

Fordyce Baths

Maurce Baths

One of the public Hot Water Drinking Fountains


New Army and Navy Hospital by Moonlight

New Arlington Hotel

Majestic Hotel, Annex and Bath House

Alligator Farm

Beautiful Magnolia Trees Bordering Bath House Row and Promenade

Miniature Natural Hot Spring

Lamar Bath House

"Tufa Rock" in Government Park, Foot of West Mountain

Good train service, fine paved highways and an airport make Hot Springs accessible from all parts of the country.

The Interior Department, under which the National Park Service functions is continuously showing its faith in the waters of the Park by a continuous program of improvement.

The headquarters of nearby Ouachita National Forest are also maintained in Hot Springs.

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